To Throw Or Blow

To Throw Or Blow


Now the happy couple are joined as one, wedding guests usually shower the happy couple with confetti.  Confetti is being replaced by a number of options.

There are pros and cons for everything and below you shall find a list which will help you choose the right preference for your day.

The blowing of bubbles (as we all did as children) has become a very popular replacement for tiny bits of coloured paper, and also rice.

After viewing our list you shall find that bubbles are the easiest, cleanest and by far the best to use.  However, the choice is yours……….it is YOUR day.


Inexpensive to purchase.
Make a mess.
Venue may charge extra for clean up.


Easily available, a lot of people grow roses.
Make a mess.
Can be dried or fresh for throwing.
May stain your clothing if damp.
Costs can vary to purchase.
Venue may charge extra for clean up.
Can be dried as a keepsake.
Costs can vary considerably to purchase.


Easily available and inexpensive.
Make a mess.
Usually do not stain dress as white rice is the most common used by preference.
Venue may charge extra for clean up.
Left over rice may harm wildlife if outside.


Fun Fun Fun and whoops of laughter will fill the air.
Put a bubble blower on a chair or table for each guest and there will be bubbles aplenty if an outdoor wedding or reception.
If children are involved in a wedding it is a wonderful way to keep them occupied whilst the newly married couple mingle with guests.
There are so many uses for them, include them in photos, include them when having the first dance as a married couple.
Bubble pots now come in a variety of shapes such as bottles, cakes etc to enable a wonderful inclusion in the wedding decorations.
You could personalise labels to attach to the bubble pot for each guest, a lovely keepsake for the guests that can be re used time and again.
Give them to guests as a bomboniere.
What even more bubbles then look at the alternative of hiring a bubble blowing machine.
Everyone loves a good bubble. The colours always bring a smile to an already smiling face on this wonderful occasion.

Whilst bubbles usually do not stain it is RECOMMENDED to test the bubbles on a swatch of your wedding dress fabric just to be safe.

It is your day, so we recommend you choose what ever preference you have, obviously it is up to you…………the aim is to enjoy your day.

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