10 Great Black & White Wedding Cakes

10 Great Black & White Wedding Cakes


Traditions change and we are noticing a change in wedding cakes.

Is the black wedding cake going to take over from the white, we think not, however there really are some stunning black or black and white wedding cakes.

Here are 10 of our favourite predominantly black wedding cakes.

Yes we haven’t forgotten the Goth lovers and have included a few great designs in here.

A square cake in motion, looks fantastic.

One side black and white, the other white and black, cake toppers pulling together to create one.

The team here love the style and intricacy, yet also simplicity in this 3 tiered creation.

Cakes can be created for any theme.

Goth cakes have been popular and always will be.

Two complete opposites yet both could be considered gothic in theme.

Stylish and classy with the distinct line of pattern.

This cake says it all!

As simple as possible but with a hint of floral/grasses and ribbon and wahla.

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