10 Shoulder Accessories for Strapless Dresses

10 Shoulder Accessories for Strapless Dresses


Have you chosen a strapless dress for your wedding but want something more than a necklace as bling.  There are other options.

Something to really make it sparkle.

What do we think of these ladies. We love them. Yes shoulder jewellery.

Why should just our ring finger have all the attention on day.

Accessories over the back really does put the finishing touch on a strapless, low cut dress.

Perfect finish for a low cut dress and with hair up.

A great idea for a low back dress, subtle and elegant.

Another shoulder accessory which has a heavier strip going down the arm and elegantly finished. Lovely.

Love this look and with the tiara , just looks stunning.

Quite a full accessory but looks beautiful, no need for a wrap or even a necklace.

Very delicate, but love the heavier adornment on chest.

Not the fashion for 2021, but was in the 1800’s.

Love this look, keep in place with some unseen tape.

Shoulder accessory or wide necklace?

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