Bags & Purses – Yes or No

Bags & Purses – Yes or No


Do you or don’t you include a purse, bag etc as part of your wedding outfit. Well only you can decide.

Some dresses or even, a two piece can be finished with the addition of a bag.

Back in the 70’s they were popular but no so much now, but, it really is up to you, it is after all your day.

Here you shall find some images of bags and purses (not all are wedding related), that we loved. Hope you do to.

Love it.

Pink Leather evening bag with enammeled adornment, France c.1915.

Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Purse.

This one could be used at any time and would never date…hopefully.

Lovely beaded elegant clutch purse/bag.

An Odette beadesd figural and embroidered Trapunto French Purce from c1915.

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