Hiring Wedding Cars – Questions To Ask

Hiring Wedding Cars – Questions To Ask


Hiring a wedding car is an important decision to make for your special day. You’ll want to ensure that the transportation goes smoothly and adds to the overall experience. Here are some questions to ask when hiring a wedding car:

Availability and Booking:

Is the car available on my wedding date?

How far in advance should I book the car?

Can you assist in determining how many vehicles will be required?

What is the booking process, and what are the payment terms?

Vehicle Ownership:

Does the business own the vehicles or use subcontractors?

Vehicle Options:

What types of wedding cars do you offer?

Can I see photos of the available cars?

Do you have classic, vintage, or modern cars?

How many people can fit into each vehicle?

Do you have any vehicles for wheelchair access?

Can I hire everyday vehicles for our older guests?

Pricing and Packages:

What is the rental cost, and what does it include (e.g., hours, mileage, extras)?

Are there any additional fees, such as gratuity or fuel charges?

Do you offer package deals for multiple vehicles?

Vehicle Inspection:

Can I inspect the car in person before booking?

Is the car well-maintained and regularly serviced?

Do you have insurance for the vehicle?

Driver Information:

Will there be a professional driver included?

Can I meet or interview the driver beforehand?

Do they have experience with weddings?

Decorations and Customization:

Can I decorate the car to match my wedding theme?

Are there any restrictions on decorations or signage?

Do you provide any special decorations or accessories?

Transportation Schedule:

What is the timeline for the transportation service on the wedding day?

Can the car make multiple trips if needed?

How early will the car arrive for pick-up?

Backup Plan:

What is your contingency plan in case of unexpected issues with the chosen vehicle?

Do you have a backup car available in case of breakdowns?

Terms and Conditions:

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

Are there fees for paying by credit card?

Are there any specific rules or regulations I should be aware of?

Can you provide a written contract detailing all terms and conditions?

References and Reviews:

Can you provide references from previous wedding clients?

Have you received positive feedback or reviews from past weddings?

Can I see testimonials or online reviews?

Are you a member of any associations?

Logistics and Accessibility:

Do you have wheelchair accessible vehicles if needed?

What is the seating capacity of the car?

Are there any size restrictions for the bridal party or passengers?

Timeline and Coordination:

How will you coordinate with our wedding planner or coordinator?

Can you provide a detailed timeline for transportation on the wedding day?

How long will I need to hire the vehicle?

Emergency Contact:

What is the best way to contact you or the driver in case of an emergency or delay?

The Final Questions:

Is smoking allowed in the vehicle?

Are pets allowed in the vehicle?

Do you have refreshments on board for passengers?

Can we carry our own refreshments if not supplied?

Do you supply umbrellas if it is raining?

By asking these questions, you can ensure that you have a clear understanding of the wedding car rental service and make an informed decision that aligns with your wedding vision and needs.

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