Marquee & Venue Comparisons

Marquee & Venue Comparisons


Hiring a marquee as a venue and hiring a traditional indoor venue for an event come with several key differences. These differences can impact factors like the atmosphere, cost, flexibility, and logistics of your event. Here are some of the main distinctions between the two options:

Location and Setting:

Marquee: A marquee is typically an outdoor structure, often set up in a location of your choice. It allows you to take advantage of natural surroundings and outdoor landscapes.

Indoor Venue: A traditional venue is an established indoor space, such as a banquet hall, conference center, or ballroom. It may not offer the same outdoor ambiance or scenic views.

Weather Considerations:

Marquee: Outdoor marquees are exposed to the elements. You need to consider weather conditions like rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. You may need additional equipment, such as heaters, fans, or rain cover, to make it comfortable in adverse conditions.

Indoor Venue: Indoor venues provide a controlled climate, making them more suitable for events in any weather. You don’t have to worry about rain, wind, or temperature fluctuations.


Marquee: May not have seperate area to store clothes (should your guests have coats, etc), also bathroom facilities would need to be hired and you may need to consider disabled access.

Indoor Venue:  All amenities would be on hand, toilets facilities, including for any disabled guests, usually a room can be supplied for changing and coat storage etc.  Some venues even have a creche or children’s play are.  All things which need to be considered to ensure your guests are comfortable.


Marquee: Marquees often require additional expenses beyond the base rental cost, such as flooring, lighting, heating or cooling, and restroom facilities. Costs can vary significantly depending on the size and location.

Indoor Venue: Indoor venues typically have fixed costs that include basic amenities like lighting, heating or air conditioning, restrooms, and flooring. While they can be more expensive upfront, they may save you money on additional equipment and decorations.


Marquee: The capacity of a marquee can be more flexible because you can choose the size and configuration to suit your needs. However, larger events may require larger, more expensive marquees.

Indoor Venue: Indoor venues have fixed capacities based on their design and layout, which may limit your options for accommodating a specific number of guests.

Aesthetics and Decor:

Marquee: Marquees offer a blank canvas for decoration and can be customized to match your event’s theme or style. You have more creative freedom in designing the space.

Indoor Venue: Indoor venues may have specific architectural features or décor that you must work around. While you can still decorate and personalize the space, you may have fewer design choices.

Noise and Acoustics:

Marquee: Sound can be more challenging to control in a marquee, especially in outdoor settings. You may need additional soundproofing or audio equipment for events with live music or speeches.

Indoor Venue: Indoor venues often have better acoustics and sound control, which can be important for events with audio needs.


Marquee: Accessibility may be limited in certain outdoor locations, especially for individuals with mobility issues. You may need to consider providing appropriate accommodations.

Indoor Venue: Indoor venues are generally more accessible and often include facilities for guests with disabilities.

Ultimately, the choice between hiring a marquee or an indoor venue depends on your specific requirements, budget, and the ambiance you wish to create. Both options have their advantages and drawbacks, so it’s essential to carefully assess your needs and priorities before making a decision.

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