Ring Setting Styles

Ring Setting Styles


There are many types of ring setting styles for diamonds and coloured stones. The one you choose totally depends on your personal taste. What do you like – something simple or something elaborate, something large and impactful or something small and subtle, something round, square or oval…? The choices are virtually endless.

A Solitaire Diamond ring – featuring a single stone only – is the  simplest and most popular of the options for an Engagement ring. It usually has either four or six claws holding the centre diamond. The design of the actual setting can vary. The simple band can either be flat, half rounded or fully rounded, tapered or straight.

Solitaire style diamond ring setting
Princess cut diamond engagement ring solitaire setting

The next most popular setting style has the band set with diamonds. These side or shoulder diamonds may be either Bead set, share claw set or Channel set, all giving a different look to the band.

Emerald cut claw set engagement ring
Round brilliant cut bezel set diamond engagement ring

The Halo setting, sometimes known as a Cluster style ring, has the centre diamond encircled by a row, or two rows, of diamonds. The surrounding diamonds may be just slightly smaller or a lot smaller than the centre diamond. Either option forms a halo-like or cluster effect.

Cushion cut diamond engagement ring halo setting
Halo setting diamond engagement ring

A three or five stone diamond ring is an option for those who like the diamonds to spread across the finger. Usually the centre diamond is bigger than the side diamonds and they are all the same shape. Sometimes however, for a more dramatic effect, the centre stone may be a different shape from the stones next to it. For example, a Princess Cut centre stone could have Baguettes alongside it or a Round Cut diamond could be set along with Princess Cuts on the side.

Three stone setting diamond engagement ring
Another three stone engagement ring setting

Art Deco and Vintage style rings using diamonds and coloured stones of different shapes and sizes are also popular.  There are also many examples on the internet to help with inspiration.

Diamond engagement ring vintage setting style
Diamond ring vintage setting style

Contemporary setting styles are usually simple but heavier, bolder rings that focus on both the stones and the metal as a design. Whether using one stone or many, the metal can be made as a feature of the design, rather than it being there to merely support the stones. These ring styles can be rounded and flowing, asymmetrical, or sharp with straight lines. The design ideas are endless but they are usually denser with larger plain surfaces.

Contemporary ring setting style
Another Contemporary ring setting style

You really can create the ring of your dreams. Let your imagination run wild.

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