Tattoos As Wedding Rings

Tattoos As Wedding Rings


Having a tattoo is a permanent reminder of your wedding vows and your commitment to your spouse. Most people have them because they feel strongly that vows are forever so their tattoo is forever also.

You really should consider though what happens should there be a change in circumstances in the future.  What will you do with the tattoo?

Once you have chosen your design for your tattoo, finding the artist to make it happen is the next step.

When you get it, there’s no turning back. Some people decide to get a tattoo for the cost or for the minimalistic look, or because it isn’t an object but something that will become a part of you and your spouse.

You can’t lose it down the sink, have it eaten by the dog or have it fall off while swimming in the ocean. It won’t break when you work or bend when you get it caught.

It’s a new trend that’s taking off.

Designs vary from your loved one’s initials, roman numerals, words like ‘forever’, ‘always’, or ‘together’. Arrows and locks are also popular, as are Celtic knots.

You may want a ring but without the insurance costs.

Choose an image which is significant to you both.

Bands are very popular.

Initials are also popular.

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