They’re Married – Real Weddings

They’re Married – Real Weddings


Obviously, the team at Wedding Suppliers VIC love a wedding. We thank you all for sharing your day with us, we really appreciate it.

We wish you all, good health, love, laughter and happiness for your future.

Cam & Grace

A big congrats to Cam and Grace on your special day and for choosing the lovely Lucy Gilfillan to officiate your wedding and make you a couple for life.

CelebrantLucy Gilfillan

Mathew & Kelsey

Congratulations to Kelsey & Mathew, recently wed in a rural setting and a lovely sunny day.  Everyone had a great day and enjoyed themselves as much as the lucky couple.

Celebrant – Richard Parker

Belinda & Marcel

Congratulations, a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful couple.

CelebrantJan Mason

Olivia & Dom

The sun certainly shone for Olivia and Dom on a stunning day in the Park.  CelebrantIan Sheen

Sherrlyn & Chris

The build up to one special day can be immense, but then you have a lifetime of memories to look back on and realise it was so special.

CelebrantJan Mason

Clare & Max

Surrounded by family and friends on their special day. A beautiful vintage style wedding.  Celebrant – Ian Sheen

Bridgitte & Daniel

Sending all our best wishes to Bridgitte and Daniel who had a wonderful day.  The start of a lifetime of memories.

CelebrantJan Mason

Claire & Phil

Claire and Peter chose a beautiful garden wedding for their special day.

CelebrantJan Mason

Georgia & Peter

What a beautiful serene backdrop for the wedding of Georgia and Peter. Tranquil and natural…we love it.

CelebrantJan Mason

Laura & Sam

A beautiful ceremony.

CelebrantJan Mason

Maddy & Chris

A big congratulations sent to Maddy and Christ on your special day.

CelebrantJan Mason

Marlene & Mervin

A beautiful indoor ceremony was the desire of Marlene and Mervin and we personally love the backdrop of the windows.  Elegant and classic.

CelebrantJan Mason

Melanie & Dave

The sun shone and everyone had a wonderful day, especially Melanie and Dave.

CelebrantJan Mason

Natalie & Alex

A beautiful ceremony that will be cherished for a life time.

CelebrantJan Mason

Phuong & Raymond

Congratulations Phuong and Raymond, married in a beautiful surrounding and overseen by family and friends.

CelebrantJan Mason

Sheridan & Bart

A lovely setting for a lovely wedding.

CelebrantJan Mason

Alex & Olha

Alex and Olha were married at home with friends and family. This picture shows their first kiss as man and wife. Celebrant – Marie Pentland

Gary & Euti

What a gorgeous bride Euti was when she married Gary in an amazing outdoor ceremony.   Celebrant – Marie Pentland

Phil & Yuko

An incredible outdoor venue was chosen for the ceremony of Phil & Yuko. They shared their day with family & friends. Celebrant – Marie Pentland