Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Anniversary Gifts


Couples often exchange gifts on their wedding anniversary to celebrate the date of their union, commitment and love for each other.

It is becoming a popular trend to give an Eternity ring as the first year’s wedding anniversary gift. This ring is worn on the other side of the woman’s engagement ring and is often the same design as her wedding ring. Of course it may also differ, depending on what look she wants. Many men like to keep this special anniversary present as a surprise, in which case he needn’t even come to our studio as we would already have all the details of the wedding ring on file. If you suspect your partner may like something different, it is best to come in together and go through the design options.

A small, but well-chosen piece of jewellery works perfectly as a second year anniversary gift. For example, DDS can make a beautiful pair of small diamond earrings or a simple diamond pendant. A fashion ring in Sterling Silver with a coloured gemstone is also an inexpensive but clever option.

Diamond bracelet anniversary gift
Pearl drop earrings anniversary gift

The 3rd and 4th wedding anniversaries are similar to the second, in that they are not major milestones, but gifts of jewellery are always well-received by women. Birthstones, coloured stones and coloured diamonds work extremely well as anniversary presents. They can be set into a pendant, earrings or a ring to create an individual piece with a unique look.

The five-year wedding anniversary is a milestone that may be celebrated with a more substantial gift.  If jewellery is your thing, a slightly more elaborate fashion ring with coloured stones, or diamond earrings to match her engagement ring, would be ideal. A diamond pendant also makes the perfect accessory to create a set with the engagement ring.

Pearl rings, pearl pendants and pearl earrings are relatively inexpensive and make charming anniversary gifts. Pearls and pearl jewellery of many different colours, shapes and designs are available and can be custom-made to just about any design you like.

The 10th wedding anniversary is a big event by anyone’s standards and many people give their partner a special gift to celebrate this milestone in their relationship. Tennis bracelets, which are flexible bracelets set with diamonds in 18ct white or yellow gold, are a popular choice to mark this special occasion.

Women also like to give gifts to their husbands and may choose anything from a pair of gold cufflinks set with white or black diamonds, to a solid but elegant diamond-set men’s ring.

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