Wedding Car Selection & Checklist

Wedding Car Selection & Checklist


The number one thing that must be done when booking anything for this very special day is always ensure the firm you are going to deal with is reputable.

Consideration should be made when selecting your wedding cars to fit in with the time of the year, spring, summer, autumn or winter wedding.

Different seasons can mean a different selection in the style of wedding cars; as an example Convertibles are a popular choice for late spring to early summer. In the winter cold or summer sun a covered Sedan or Limousine provides the best protection and comfort.

• Decide what style of car is best for your wedding, then select the colour you would like and seating capacity you need.

• Old and stylish consider; Veteran vehicle from the 1920/30s

• Elegant and classic; Vintage and Classic bridal cars

• Modern wedding; You might choose Classis or Hollywood style wedding cars

The style of vehicle can be important depending on the type of wedding:-

Veteran – Vintage – Classic English 1940 -60’s – Classic American/Australia 1950 – 60’s -Sporty – Hot Rods – Hollywood

Veteran – Vehicles from the 1920 and 30’s can look quite good, keep in mind that many have soft tops and it is recommended that they only be used to travel shorter distances. They are a style of vehicle that that can very much look the part.

Vintage – Classic English Cars from the 1940 -60’s – These are the most popular vehicle for wedding as they fit with every type and style of wedding, they were built for comfort and are roomy. They never age in photos and they always turn heads.

Vintage – Classic American/Australian – Often these vehicles are large and roomy the cars from the 1950’s had the wings or fins. Riding in one of these is like taking a step back in time and place and reliving the iconic 50s, and 60s USA, when hot rods ruled, cruising and fun was all that mattered.

Sporty – This is usually a man choice – We live in modern times and flash cars look great and how often do you get to ride in a modern sports car. Just keep in mind that the bride has to be able to get in and out of the vehicle with dignity and style but they can be fun! The weather comes into play with this type of vehicle.

You can still achieve a sporty look with a 1940’s ‘Classic Jaguar Convertible.

Hot Rods – Similar to Sporty, again often a man choice – Unlike the modern car these vehicles are designed for the real rev head. They are usually smaller in size lower to the ground and often LOUD! Not only in sound but also in colour, get two or three to match is somewhat difficult BUT HOT RODS! Man! They don’t have to match just look HOT!

You can still achieve a sporty look with a classic convertible?

Hollywood– Stretched limousines – Hummers great for lager groups, stretched limousines can seat from 8 and up, Hummer often more, keep in mind that it is a little difficult to stand up in this type of vehicle, as you move into the car or truck you do need to bend down until seated.

Colours –The colour choice of a wedding car is a very personal:-

• White is traditional, but can be glary

• Old English White or Magnolia – A softer looking white and a slight contrast to a white wedding dress.

• Black – More popular today than in past years.

• Black & Sliver – Very popular

• Blue – Not often seen

• Gold – Gaining in popularity

• Champagne and Gold – Gaining in popularity

• Gun Metal Grey – Gaining in popularity

• Red – Signifying sporty, vintage, hot rod, something form the 1950’s or 60’s

Booking wedding cars

It is best NOT to book wedding cars from pictures, or over the phone – Just do not do it! It is must to see the vehicles before you book!

It is very important that the vehicles are inspected – Always see, touch and sit in the vehicles you want to travel in on your wedding day and meet the manager or owner of the business before you book. Insure you are dealing with a reputable business that provides a quality service, wedding cars that are in the very best mechanical order and more importantly that they are going to be in business when your wedding day arrives.

Who will be traveling in the wedding cars?

Consideration needs to be made for all the people that are going to travel in the wedding cars on the wedding day.

The general rule of thumb is the bride, the bride’s father or the person giving the bride away, bridesmaids. Mum often rides in the cars these days to. Flower girls and boys depending age could also be placed in the wedding cars – You need to confirm with the wedding car operator as rules do apply for young children.

Will a wedding car be required for the groom and groomsmen?

In some cases the groom and groomsmen can be collected by the hire cars, dropped at the place of the ceremony and then return to collect the bride and her party. Time and distance to the church or place of the ceremony must be taken into consideration.

Will transport required for guests – Mini or full size bus?

Do guests from interstate or overseas require collection and delivery to the place of the ceremony on the day?

Get Away or Escape Car

Will a getaway or escape vehicle be required after the reception to carry the bride and groom to the overnight accommodation or a night photo shoot?

Will a vehicle be required to collect the bride and groom form the overnight accommodation to take them home or to a new destination?

Food and drinks

Drinks and food in some cases needed because of extended time. The wedding party will require refreshments and in many cases bridal parties often do not get to eat before the ceremony right up until they reach reception.

A request can be made of the wedding car operator to supply champagne, soft drinks and water. Or a cool pack container can be made up and placed into the truck of the wedding car for use later that day.

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