Wedding Stationery – All About It

Wedding Stationery – All About It


Wedding stationery refers to the printed materials and paper products that are used for various purposes related to a wedding. These items serve both practical and decorative functions, helping to set the tone, theme, and overall aesthetic of the wedding.

Here’s an overview of wedding stationery:

  • Save-the-Date Cards: Sent out several months before the wedding, these cards inform guests of the upcoming wedding date and location. They provide essential details to allow guests to plan their attendance.
  • Wedding Invitations: Formal invitations are sent to guests to formally invite them to the wedding ceremony and reception. These invitations usually include information about the date, time, venue, and RSVP instructions.
  • RSVP Cards: These cards allow guests to respond and confirm their attendance. They often include options for guests to indicate the number of attendees and any dietary restrictions.
  • Accommodation Cards: For destination weddings or when many guests are traveling from out of town, accommodation cards provide information about nearby hotels or lodging options.
  • Direction/Map Cards: These cards include detailed directions to the wedding venue(s) and reception, especially if the locations are not easily accessible or are in a less-known area.
  • Information/Details Cards: Used to provide additional information about the wedding events, such as dress code, gift registry, transportation details, and any special instructions.
  • Ceremony Programs: A booklet or card handed to guests before the ceremony, outlining the order of events, names of participants, and any readings or songs.
  • Menu Cards: At the reception, these cards provide details about the meal courses being served. They can be especially helpful for guests with dietary restrictions or preferences.
  • Place Cards/Seating Cards: Used to indicate where each guest should sit at the reception. They can be simple folded cards or creatively designed items.
  • Table Numbers: These cards help guests locate their assigned tables. They can be displayed prominently on each table.
  • Thank-You Cards: Sent after the wedding, these cards express gratitude to guests for their attendance and gifts. Personalized messages are often included.
  • Envelopes: The envelopes for invitations and other stationery are typically coordinated with the overall design. They can have matching colors, fonts, and motifs.
  • Envelope Liners: Decorative liners placed inside the envelope to add an extra touch of elegance and style.
  • Save-the-Date Magnets: An alternative to traditional cards, save-the-date magnets are practical for guests to display on their fridge.
  • Favor Tags: If wedding favors are given to guests, favor tags can be attached with a personalized message.
  • Programs, Menus, and Signage: Customized signs and displays can guide guests to different areas of the wedding venue, share important information, and add to the overall ambiance.
  • Specialty Items: Some couples choose to include unique items like personalized napkins, coasters, and other custom-designed accessories.

When creating wedding stationery, consider the overall theme, color scheme, and formality of the event.

Many couples opt for custom-designed stationery to reflect their personal style and the unique aspects of their wedding.

Whilst some people recommend working work with a professional designer or a specialized stationery vendor to ensure your vision is brought to life, it is also possible to compose the items yourself and use online services to print them and maybe save some money.  Research is key.

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