Wedding Superstitions

Wedding Superstitions


There are quite a few when it comes to the big day, here are just a few.

Something Old, Borrowed and Blue and New. Wearing something old represents the past, whilest something new symbolizes the happiness of the future couple and something borrowed if to be from someone who is happily married in the hope that their happiness will pass onto the new couple and something blue symbolises fidelity and love.

Wearing a Veil goes back to a custom which began in Rome when a veil was worn to hide the bride from any evil spirits who may have been jealous of her future happiness.

Rain on Your Wedding in some cultures symbolises cleansing and fertility. There is also the time a couple got married and the day way marred by a torrential downpour and then nine months later to the day of the wedding the couple had a child.

Don’t give Knives as a Gift. According to folklore, knives signify broken relationships and bad luck.

Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold. This superstition began in Medieval Europe where it was believed that a bride was vulnerable to evil spirits via the soles of her feet. So avoid the evil spirits the bride is carried into their new home by the groom.

Using Your Married Name Before You Are Married. It is believed by some that if the bride writes her married name or has it monogramed on items before she is actually married then the wedding will not take place. So if you are worried, same all the monogramming and engraving for your reception décor only.

Seeing a Nun or Monk on the Way to the Wedding is said to leave the bride childless and have a live which will ensure she is dependent on charity.

These are just a few of the Superstitions, the main thing to do is enjoy your day to the fullest.

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