WOW Factor Seating Plan

WOW Factor Seating Plan


So it’s time to start working out your seating plan.

Time to work out who can sit with who and who has to be kept apart or they may strangle each other.

When names are written down, yes, it is still a seating plan but then why not take it to a whole different level?

Monique & Jonathan did just that!  Be prepared to be amazed and delighted all in one….this is some serious creativity.

Creativity aplenty.

Thinking outside the square and creating a scaled Lego seating plan, now that is fun and dedication.

Jonathan spent 8 months creating this fantastic, scaled plan of the venue and guests, food, drinks, activity that will be happening in the venue such as the photographer, dj, chefs, everything has been considered.

Roaming photographer.

And if your Lego guest needs to pop to the toilet, well yes there is even toilets (picys not available…someone was using them at the time).

Everyone is wearing their own individual outfits, the bar is stocked, the chef is carving the chicken on the verandah as shown whilst others are working in the kitchen.

Catering was on the patio.

The more you look into this the more you see, and that in itself is a fun part of planning.

Mood lighting for the Dj as the night wore on.

And of course we all knew Bob would turn up dressed in his Donald Duck outfit and there are some other quirky quests….but let’s face it every wedding has “those guests”, this is brilliant.

A great set up.

This creativity and play would have brought some fun and frivolity into the planning, but what to do with the plan once you no longer need it, are you going to let it sit on top of a cupboard and collect dust or break up the family and guests and leave them forlorn in a box on a shelf….NO NO NO.

Yet again showing great imagination and also a great permanent reminder of a wonderful day, Monique & Jonathan are going to have the layout set in acrylic and included in their coffee table… is their no limit to their imagination.

What can we say, other than well done to you both, you should be so proud, and we can’t wait for the family planning plan or home decoration plan.

Thank you for sharing your story with us and we wish you nothing but love, laughter and happiness but get the impression it will be a fun future for you both.

CONTACT US if you had a different seating plan and let us share it.

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