Amazing Cakes

Amazing Cakes


Some wedding cakes are delicate and elegant, some are quirky and unique, just like the couple.

And then there are those which just leave you opened mouthed in awe.

How would you cut them?

How could you cut them after all this amazing craftsmanship?

Let us know what you think of these stunning cakes.

A baking, decorating and artistic phenomena, this has been listed as one of the top 10 extravagant wedding cakes ever created. These masterpieces often weigh so much and are so tall that at least one truck is needed to transport them!

With pillars to separate the tiers, your cake can be as tall as desired and gives each tier a stable base. It also allows for decorations between the tiers to be as simple or as extravagant as you like.

Cinderella and Prince Charming would be very happy with this rose extravaganza! This masterpiece is a true Princess inspiration.

Wedding cakes have certainly evolved over the years and the various techniques and staff employed to create them has grown incredibly. It takes vision, talent and an architect’s degree to keep it upright on the correct angle!

Wedding cakes can be where artistry meets craftsmanship and experience, and some are costly simply because of the time spent in the creation of them, like this pure white floral sensation.

Though this cake was for a 16th birthday, it would look stunning as a wedding cake.  There is always something very elegant about a black and white cake, and when you add some (or a lot!) of gold flourishes and you have one luxurious showpiece, like this baroque-style cake.

If you are going BIG with the wedding cake, the venue size must be taken into account, as a cake this size and height will take up a lot of room.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s wedding cake was considered sensational at its time of creation and since then Royal wedding cakes have just gotten bigger, fancier and more elegant. This is Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding cake.

Sugar flowers on top, sugar art around each tier and Swarovski crystals adorn the pillars of this spectacular piece.

More sugar art and sugar flowers in this Victorian-inspired cake. Look at the detail in each archway and the flowers cascading down and around each tier.

Castle cakes…this one took a month to make, two trucks to transport and cost a cool $700,000. Certainly one your guests will never forget!

Look at this huge carousel wedding cake! So much detail went into this 10-foot tall cake, inspired by the bride’s passion for her children’s charity work.

This very vintage-boho cake is beautiful and feminine in its presentation, with flowers, ribbon and feathers. The colour is very vintage too and the lace icing work around the tiers is lovely.

Fairy tale weddings are very on-trend right now, and what better wedding cake to have than a castle cake? Even though this one might not be affordable for everyone, it’s beautiful and feminine in the intricate icing work and cascading flowers.

A pile of stacked-up pillows…how do the creators get them to stay in place and not topple over?! The tassels and intricate gold icing makes this cake stunning.

This royal purple, pink and white castle cake is a little bit over the top…but very elaborate and pretty in its presentation.

This is reminiscent of an ice castle, with a distinctly Disney theme. The turrets are wonderful, and the hand-crafted blue, pink and purple flowers are perfect for this theme.

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