Animals At Your Wedding

Animals At Your Wedding


Pets are a part of the family so why not include them in your wedding ceremony.

Your dog, cat, horse or whatever can join in the celebrations as part of the bridal party or just as a guest.

There are numerous outfits, collars, hats, headpieces available to dress them up so they look smart.

Nominating one of the guests or bridal party to care for the animals is a good idea, just so they don’t disrupt the ceremony itself.

Having your pet with you is a great photo memory and can be included in all wedding photos.

Having them attend the reception is fine as long as the venue agrees.

Obviously, if you are having a backyard reception it is much easier for your pets to be there.

If you are having a formal reception in a function centre or venue facility, this will need to be discussed with the venue.

If your animal is very excitable maybe a few trial runs or obedience classes will help to keep them calm.

You can also use your dog as a ring bearer if you wish, by tying the wedding rings to a length of ribbon and hanging it around the dog’s neck. He can then bring you the wedding rings when needed.

Your pet could also carry a sign indicating that the bride is on her way, the mind just runs wild with how you could incorporate your pet.

Remember that if it is a beach venue your dog may get distracted easily by seagulls or the water itself, so ensure it has enough practice to know what to do on the big day and can ignore these distractions.

One important factor is to make sure you have doggy do bags, not all family or guests will use them, but you can be sure your pet will at some stage.

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