Christian Music Suggestions

Christian Music Suggestions


Your wedding ceremony should reflect you and your faith.  As should the music you choose to accompany the ceremony.

A traditional choir or a soloist?

These things can be guided by your priest also. Is there an organ available or are you allowed to have a band or stringed orchestra?

Being backed by a choir will uplift and give zest and added energy to your chosen songs.

Most musicians will want access to the church or venue to check out the acoustics.

Traditionally two or three hymns are sung during the ceremony.

If you are looking for something more modern, you can also use Contemporary Christian Music so long as your priest approves of the songs. It’s always a good idea to get his approval before you book the musician/s.

Here are some suggestions for popular hymns.

  • We pledge to one another.
  • Lord of all hopefulness
  • For the beauty of the earth
  • One more step along the world I go.
  • Praise my soul the king of heaven.
  • Morning has broken.

Your priest can help with your choices also.

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