Titanium Wedding Rings – Pros and Cons

Titanium Wedding Rings – Pros and Cons


With the advances in engineering technology titanium wedding rings have become more popular in recent years, especially for men’s wedding rings.

Titanium is appealing because the metal is lightweight but tough.

If you or your partner are considering titanium for your ring choice then consider the pro’s and cons to see if titanium is the right choice for you.

The Pros:

  • Weight – titanium is very light which is great if you are not used to wearing a ring, you will hardly notice it.
  • Price – A titanium ring is significantly cheaper than precious metal rings.
  • Durability – Titanium is one of the hardest metals on earth which makes it ideal for general wear and tear, knocks and scratches.
  • Skin benefits – Titanium is 100% hypo-allergenic which is ideal if you have sensitive skin. Nothing worse than having to take of your ring due to irritation.
  • Colours – Unlike gold or silver which come is only gold or silver, titanium comes in a range of colours which makes the choice more personal and also design options limitless as you may want to design a ring using various colour, giving you far more options than just gold or silver.

The Cons:

  • No resizing – Titanium cannot be soldered, so should you need to resize your ring in the future this would not be possible.
  • Design limitations – Specific machinery is required to manufacture titanium and some jeweller may not have the ability to hand manufacture or design. You may be limited to designs or need to find a jeweller that does have the machinery and ability to create your design.
  • Darker colour – Titanium is darker than white gold and platinum so if you were looking for a ring similar in colour to white gold or platinum, you will have to have a darker colour.

Choosing a wedding ring, or any jewellery is all about personal choice.

Please remember though that your wedding ring will be worn daily.

Choose the ring you want, not what is the current fashion

Try on various styles before you make your final choice.

Most of all, enjoy your wedding ring shopping.

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